Biography Edit

Cadberry and his brother, Nigel were hired to redesign the website in Three Two One Relaunch and failed, because all they did was ad gifs on the website and nothing to click. He is usauly very mean to his brother. He is also a big inventor.

  • Domicile: The House ?
  • Debut: Three Two One Relaunch!

Character Information Edit

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Name: Cadberry

Species: fish

Quote: "Ah, to sum up my genius in a single quote is impossible."

Hobbies: Knowing-it-all, Telling Nigel what to do

Cadberry owns the Fish Brothers Company along with his sibling Nigel. Though he believes he is a genius in everything he does, most people cannot quite understand his "amazing" creations. He will help you in any way he can, as long as that way is HIS way. Cadberry is quick to point out that he has a dimploma from Harvard (though if you look close, you'll find he simply bought it on eBay).


Relationship with other characters.Edit


Main article: Nigel

Nigel is Cadberry's younger brother. Nigel is kinder than Cadberry, but is overshadowed by his arrogance and dominance.