Biography Edit

Of course, not much is known about Cloe's childhood. It is unknown why she lives with the rest of the characters. Her first appearance is in Blarg the Scary Monsters Scream, dressed as a Cute Bunny. Her first time wearing normal clothes is in Who Wants Turkey? in an easter egg talking to Sceb about what happened to Fred. She next appeared in Mailbag 33, asking what was Sceb doing. Sceb said to her something about contacts, then told her he gotta go. In 3-2-1 Relaunch Part 4, she was setting up a bake sale to help pay for hosting. She sold all 10 dozen cookies she made, revealing she made cookies before. The person who bought them hasn't given her the money yet, so she would remind Space Chicken when she got the money. In And the Winner Really Is, she went down to Sceb's basement and he told her he was taking a break from his work. She told Sceb that if Space Chicken is the one animating the preloader, he should be the one judging the contest. Next, in Welcome Back - The 4th Anniversary, she was one of them to suggest ideas for the website, although, of course, never suggested anything due to Sceb suggesting to take a break. She was also one of them looking for Sceb in Sour Summer Return. In The Important Things, she was collecting money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. When Sceb gave Cloe the money he was orignally going to spend for a DS Game, she really appreacticated it, and hugged him for the first time. She, along with Fred and Sceb did a Public Service Announcement and the only human person ever to do so at Her PSA was about Baby Seals. She said to give them a hug if you find one in the wild, and not club them to death with a big stick.

  • Domicile: The House
  • Debut: Blarg the Scary Monsters Scream


  • Cloe, along with BDDB are the only main characters created in 2005.
  • Cloe's Baby Seal PSA is so far the only animation to have an angry look of her.
  • In the blog, it's been said when she opened the dish washer Fred was hiding in, she screamed ans Sceb beaten up Fred twice.
  • Cloe has an IQ of 137.