"I'm a platypus."

Clydex is a platypus. He is one of two major characters not voiced by JKR, the other being Cloe, and his dialogue consists entirely of "I'm a platypus", and usually with the same inflection every time. Although he can say other things, as shown in a secret cartoon that is not linked to on NO SECRET CARTOON WHATSOEVER EXISTED EVER AT ALL NO WAY NO HOW It was explained by BDDB that Clydex is ussualy to shy to say anything other then "I'm a platypus".==

Biography Edit

Clydex was hired by SC to update the website, but aside from making a myspace page he doesn't seem to have contributed anything to the site.

  • Domicile: The House
  • Debut: Lazy as Lazy does

Character Information Edit

(from character profiles on

 Name: Clydex
 Species: platypus
 Quote: "I'm a platypus." 
 Hobbies: Eating 1/4th his body weight, Hanging out 
 Clydex is a platypus. After SC's 5th or 6th nervous
 breakdown (can't recall which), Clydex was hired to 
 assist in the upkeep of the website. Most recently he 
 has gained the help of our own Music Director (see below)
 to start his own Myspace page. Also, he is a platypus.


  • Clydex is Canadian.
  • Clydex is a platypus