On this cartoon, Fred announces that they are working on the website to open.

Cast (in order of appearance): Fred the Monkey, Sceb


Fred: Hi, thanks for visiting FredTheMonkey.Com! The website isn't quite up and running yet, but we've got our best technicians working around the clock!! [to Sceb] How's it coming there, stupid!?

Sceb: [sitting at a computer desk with Solitaire on the screen] Huh? Wha-- Oh, yeah. every-thing's fine, the website's really coming around well.

Fred: Are you playing Solitaire?

Sceb: What? No! Um, no, this is what programming looks like.

Fred: Oh, okay! As you can see, things are going as planned, and we're ready to launch October 1st, 2003!

Sceb: Wait a minute, this does have to be done until October? What the heck am I sitting around here for? I'm gone! [leaves hopping away]

Fred: Any way, we hope you'll come back and join us for the grand opening of FredTheMonkey.Com! See ya there!

[Fred theme plays]

Easter EggsEdit

If you wait a moment, you will hear Fred say:

Fred: Okay, you can stay, but I'm leaving.


  • This was the first cartoon to appear on Fred The

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