Craig Harris is the DS editor at IGN, who is represented in Cubetoons as a dumb, eccentric man in a kangaroo suit. His first appearance was at the end of the first comic, and his appearances since the first several comics has gotten rarer and rarer. His assistand is Daemon.

Bio Edit

The fictional Craig Harris' past is not explored, aside from the fact that he still communicates with his mother.

The real Craig Harris lives in northern California and is 36 years of age.

Relationship with other charactersEdit

Matt CasamassinaEdit

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Much of Cubetoons' humor is derived from Craig and Matt's dialogue, Craig having done something senseless or responded to a situation in a strange manner, and Matt trying to reason with him. Cubetoons strictly being a humorous comic, this seems to be the limit of their character's relationships. The only things ever explored are Craig's slight need to compete with Matt as seen in him attempting to get more viewers, and him attempting to get his new assistant to attack Matt, and Matt's general frustration or nonchalance with Craig's shenanigans.