Eeh? Pah.

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The site's titular character, who is often found sleeping or eating.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Fred's childhood, or the lives of any of the characters for that matter. It is unknown why he lives with the Space Chicken brothers and the rest of the characters, but JKR has stated that Fred discovered the Space Chicken in a forum post, but this was for a cartoon that has seemingly been either scrapped or delayed. Their pasts are rarely alluded to. His species is given as a "non-descript monkey", giving us no possible way to track his origin via species.

Character Information Edit

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  Name: Fred the Monkey
  Species: non-descript monkey
  Quote: "Eee? Pah."
  Hobbies: Sleeping, Cooking, Bothering Sceb
  Fred is the figurehead of, since the site
  is named after him. Though a bit aloof at times, he generally
  tries to help out, only to be sidetracked by his own laziness.
  Fred often hears what he wants to hear, and if you ask him 
  for a dollar he'll tell you he'd love a cookie, thanks. 


  • JKR has mentioned that he has drawn the character since he was in grade school.
  • Fred seems to have a habit of eating strange things such as cake mix, wood glue and an eggplant statue of Clydex.

Relationship with other characters.Edit


Main article: Sceb

Sceb looks down upon Fred, mostly for his lack of intelligence, but he does tend to think little of people other than himself. He is often seen doing mean or hurtful things to him, such as trying to attack him with killer goldfish or locking him in his room which was swarming with angry ladybugs. Fred has gotten back at him at least once, when he attempted to bribe Sceb with a black DS, which just turned out to be two PSPs fred had taped together, which Sceb threw aside in disgust.


Main article: Space Chicken

Space Chicken may see Fred as a sort of younger brother character, frequently protecting him from Sceb's hurtful jests or pranks, but while Fred certainly doesn't dislike SC he hasn't been shown to give him any sort of affection.