Picture Name Description
Character fred
Fred the Monkey The cartoon's namesake and arguably its main character and an extreme hater of Wikipedia.
Character sc
Space Chicken The smart, hard working Space Chicken and the cartoon's animator, possibly making it a representation of JKR.
Character sceb Sceb The fan favorite, that has to be nagged by his brother Space Chicken to do the 2 things he loathes the most, Cartoons and Mailbags. He is Space Chicken's younger and considerably evil brother who plans to take over the earth, but is currently distracted by DS games.
Character clydex
Clydex The "token marsupial", his dialogue consists entirely of "I'm a platypus".
Character mrd
Mr. Deutsch Our resident mathematician, who doesn't have a known first name.
Image1 BDDB The musician that brings laziness to a new high.
Character pip Pip The young orphan who sees Sceb as his Hero.
Character cloe Cloe The anime lover who a certain chicken has a crush on.
Character cadberry Cadberry One of the Fish Brothers hired to redesign the website.
Character nigel Nigel The other Fish Brother hired to redesign the website.
Character mitch Mitch owns the house...