Bio Edit

JKR is founder and owner of Cubetoons, Fred the Monkey and Kingdom blue.

Apperances Edit

  • Debut: Cubetoons Level 1
  • Besides that, he is pretty much in every other Cubetoons.

Trivia: he appeared naked in level 73 of the cubetoons series.

He appears regularly in Cubetoons comics alongside vairious members of IGN and has made brief cameos in a few Fred the Monkey cartoons such as 3-2-1Relaunch part 4 and has starred in 3 video game themed music videos: 'Wake me up when we're at E3', 'The contoller for the Wii' and 'We're going to E3'.

Fun Facts Edit

  • JKR taught himself to use Flash.
  • JKR is married to Q
  • JKR seems to be a fan of the game Elebits in both real-life and fiction.
  • JKR is a fan of the video game software and hardware manufacturer Nintendo. In his daily blog he has mentioned that he likes such titles and series as Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Phionix Wright and most prominently the Nintendo Wii game Elebits, this has been the subject of many Cubetoons comics.