Biography Edit

Nigel and his brother, Cadberry were hired to redesign the website in Three Two One Relaunch and failed, because all they did was add gifs on the website and nothing to click on. Nigel is often used as Cadberry's "Test Monkey".

  • Domicile: Possibly The House, but this is unconfirmed.
  • Debut: Three Two One Relaunch!

Character Information Edit

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Name: Nigel

Species: fish

Quote: "Well I- " *gets slapped by Cadberry*

Hobbies: Long Walks on the Beach, Poetry, Fishing (Catch and Release Only!)

Nigel is always getting bossed around by his brother Cadberry. In terms of work, he's almost always the fish of the two who does the actual job, with Cadberry taking the credit and providing the "creative direction" despite Nigel's advice. Generally everyone likes hanging out with Nigel, but since Cadberry is usually close by, people steer clear of both the fish brothers.


  • Nigel's symbols appear to be almost entirely made up of Cadberry's, only recolored and thinner.

Relationship with other characters.Edit


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Cadberry isstrange experiments on him and slapping hem when ever he attempts to talk.