Is it oatmeal raisin? Because I'm allergic to oatmeal. And raisin. And cookies.

Biography Edit

Pip is an Orphan who doesn't live with the others. He has a lot of surgeries. He always helps Sceb, even if Sceb doesn't want it.

  • Debut: Pre Loader Contest part one

Character Information Edit

Name: Pip

Species: Space Chicken
 Hobbies: Looking up to Sceb, and getting surgeries done.


  • JKR has mentioned that he can not put up a charater page for him because the character page is broke.
  • JKR has mentioned that Pip was based after a character from a book.

Relationship with other characters.Edit


Main article: Sceb

Sceb is Pip's hero. Pip has said he'd give Sceb his only working kidney, Sceb's reaction was "I wouldn't want his kidney, it's probably diseased." Sceb finds Pip more annoying than Fred. The biggest goal for Pip is to be loved like a brother by Sceb.