Fred the Monkey's New Star?

Toon Category: Movie Review

Sceb and Fred review Quantum of Solace.

Cast (in order of appearance): Sceb, Voice Over Guy, Empty Chair, Fred the Monkey

Places: Movie Review Room

Date: Friday, March 6, 2009

Running Time: 3:20


[Sceb is sitting at his desk,with no Fred of course, with lights off, with his papers with his lines, waiting for The Voice Over Guy to be finished speaking.]

Voice Over Guy: Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Sceb and Fred's Movie Review!

[Lights turn on and camera zooms in on Sceb as he begins to speak.]

Sceb: Hey everybody, welcome to the movie review. I'm Sceb the Space Chicken and tonight the role of Fred the Monkey will be played by this chair next to me. Good to have you empty chair.

[Camera moves toward chair and pauses for five seconds.]

Sceb:Oh ha ha ha, watch that cunning wit chair, remember you're supposed to be playing the role of a incompetent moron.

[Sceb then laughs and turns toward the other side of the chair.]

Sceb:Anyway, for today's review we'll be checking in on the exploits of one Bond, James Bond. In his latest film, Quantum Of Solace. Let's see an overview of the film narrated by me.

Sceb narrating: First there was a car chase, then a foot chase then another crappier car chase, then a boat chase, and then a plane chase, then another foot chase, and there was dialogue and plot somewhere.

[Pictures of the film show up during narration.]

[Narration abruptly ends with record scratching.]

Sceb: So, yeah if you didn't see the movie, that's what you missed. Well, not quite. You see, to keep budget costs down,