Why bother learning a language if you're just going to ignore it and make random noises at people?

Sceb is arguably the site's most popular character, and it is sometimes said by fans that the site should be named He is arrogant, self-centered and rude, but tends to keep away from people aside from when absolutely necessary. His popularity is most likely to come from the Mail Bags, cartoons in which Sceb answers email from viewers. While his full name, Space Chickens Evil Brother, shows that he is a space chicken, it has been shown in The Halloween in October that he is also a were wolf, but this fact is seldomley mentioned.

Biography Edit

Like all the other characters, Sceb's origins are not clear. His home planet is rarely referenced and it would seem he was born and raised on earth. It is unknown why he lives in the house with his brother and the other characters.


Sceb is self-centered, opinionated and violent, as evidenced by his plan to take over the world. He is also, however, very lazy. He neglects his chores and responsibilities, mainly because he is usually wrapped up in a handheld RPG.

Relationship with other charactersEdit


Main article: Fred the Monkey

Sceb looks down upon Fred, mostly for his lack of intelligence, but he does tend to think little of people other than himself. He is often seen doing mean or hurtful things to him, such as trying to attack him with killer goldfish or locking him in his room which was swarming with angry ladybugs. Fred has gotten back at him at least once, when he attempted to bribe Sceb with a black DS, which just turned out to be two PSPs Fred had taped together, which Sceb threw aside in disgust.


Main article: Space Chicken

Space Chicken is Sceb's older, but considerably less aggressive, brother. Sceb generally sees SC as an annoyance but doesn't seem to outright dislike him, as seen in him occasionally helping him or the two having a friendly conversation.


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Sceb has a secret crush on Cloe, which she doesn't know about. He generally alters his own opinions to match those of hers in an attempt to impress her.


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Pip is a starving orphan who looks up to Sceb very much, and refers to him as "Mr. Sceb". Sceb thinks nothing of Pip's kindness and almost always acts negatively to him. The only instance of him being kind to pip was in "And the winner is... Part 2", when he briefly gave Pip words of encouragement, which was only to impress Cloe.


  • Sceb is an acronym for Space Chicken's Evil Brother.