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"Part four? wait a minute wasent there supposed to be a part three in there somewh-"

== Biography ==

Not much is known about Space Chicken's childhood, but it would seem that he did grow up living with Sceb. JKR has stated that Fred discovered the space chickens, but it was for a movie he was making that has been either canceled or delayed.

Character Information Edit

(from character profiles on Name: Space Chicken

Species: space chicken

Quote: "I don't have time to give you a quote right now, I'm working. "

Hobbies: Animating, Reading, Playing Tennis

Space Chicken is a space chicken who more or less does everything around the website. Though Fred thinks he himself is in charge, SC is actually the one behind it all. You can most often find him working, as things are never done, or hanging out with his brother Sceb.

(not from Character quotes)

S.C. Loves alton Brown and his show "Good Eats"


  • JKR has stated that he has been drawing SC since middle school

Relationship with other charactersEdit


Main Article: Sceb SC serves as a foil to Sceb's abuse of Fred. He defends Fred from attack, but doesn't let Fred do anything mean to Sceb either, meaning he doesn't necessarily see Sceb as an antagonistic figure to him. SC also frequently bothers Sceb to do a mailbag, much to Sceb's annoyance.

He's also shown a tendency to lock himself in his room with one of the house's gaming systems, and Sceb will attempt to coax him out.