Mitch owns The House, but apparently never pays for it. Almost all the characters have to pay rent. Sceb is not aloud to have flash backs, or the character's wont be able to pay for electricity. It's unclear what characters do and don't live in The House.


The Living room, with an orange sofa, is where they watch TV, Play their Wii, and the like.

The kitchen is, mostly now seen where the table is, a small room not usually seen, unless people are eating, calling some one, or getting ready to eat.

Sceb checks his Mail Bags in the Basement. There is a refrigerator behind the desk that has a sign on it that reads, "Top Secret!" BDDB also uses the basement to write his music and sleeps on a couch down there.

SC's Space is Space Chicken's room. It has also been used to be a conference room in Welcome Back 4th Anniversary. In the fifth cartoon anniversary it was shown to be on the same level as Sceb's "basement" room.

The Front Hall has always been used to show some one coming back from some where.

Fred's Room is where Fred lives. There is a webcam Sceb set up in there.


  • in 321 Relaunch Part 4, Sceb says "living in a house with you people", implying that everyone present, which was all of the main characters, live in the house.
  • The House is not its official name, but one used for lack of any better one.